Cypher is a collection of 1024 generative artworks calculated and drawn by the Ethereum Virtual Machine.


A fully on chain generative art project.

A Cypher is the deterministic result of an on-chain calculation in the form of a string of SVG.

Cypher image data is not stored anywhere; it is generated by the blockchain on demand by calling a function on chain.

Cyphers are returned directly from the blockchain with no outside dependencies.


Cypher #0 was minted in the contract constructor.

Cyphers are minted in numerical order, starting with #1.

When a Cypher is minted, it is assigned a Generation defined by the point in the auction that it was first generated.

With each new generation, the price halves and the number of blocks until the next generation doubles. This continues until all are minted.

Public minting will be halted at #991 leaving 32 tokens available to be minted by the team.

How it works

A pseudo-random seed is generated by the contract and mapped to a token ID.

Values derived from the seed are used to populate variables in Tsukamoto’s drawing code and passed to draw function.

The contract contains a view function which generates the SVG on demand, it looks up the token seed using the token ID, and invokes the draw function.

Smart contract basic info

Based on OpenZeppelin's implementation of ERC721 Enumerable.

Split into multiple contracts, the two most important being the main Cypher contract, and the Cypher Drawing contract.


Hideki Tsukamoto’s Cypher is the first part in a the Apex series hosted by Anomalous Materials. AnMa endeavours to produce bleeding edge blockchain projects.

Cypher was made possible the work of a dedicated team of developers over the course of 2021.

Hideki Tsukamoto
Art Direction, Art Programming. Project Concept and Coordination.
Business Development and Rarity Model.
Services Programming and Development.
Anders Torbjørnsen
Ethereum Smart Contract Programming.
Chris B
Website Implementation.
Jason Leach
Sound and Music Design.
Emir Arkman
Motion Graphics for Trailer and Media.

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